Collecting these new house inspiration photos is equal parts great and dangerous. It’s great because who doesn’t love dreaming about stylish space? It’s dangerous, though, because there’s that issue of instant gratification and we’re not going to start looking for several more months. I hope you all are enjoying it. I’d love to see your homes and/or your inspiration. As always, you can find my entire collection of inspiring things on my Pinterest.

In our current home we don’t really utilize our office area, most likely due to it being out of our general living space, the slow and unorganized desktop computer, and how comfortable the couch is with a laptop. So in addition to these general design cues we’re looking at, we want it to be in a part of the house where you don’t feel banished into seclusion.

French doors and natural light
Minimal shelves for books, organization and display items
Comfy and chic chair
Traditional, simple style desk
Frames for photos, inspiration
Standout lighting
Dark wood floors with area rug

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