nike blazer jcrew cranberry outfit 5a

By far, these were my favorite purchase of 2014. These kicks merely serve as an outward expression of the baller within. #trueplayaforeal. So it turns out I’m a sneakerhead. Who knew?

nike blazer jcrew cranberry outfit 2a
nike blazer jcrew cranberry outfit 6a
nike blazer jcrew cranberry outfit 3a
nike blazer jcrew cranberry outfit 4a
nike blazer jcrew cranberry outfit 1a

Get the Look:


all the layers 2a

It’s a weekday morning…

The alarm goes off … for the fifth time, but who’s counting? Our heroine begrudgingly gets out of bed. She contemplates starting a trend of sleepy chic, centered around bedhead, sweats and blanket-style accessories. Instead, she opens the closet and sees floral, leather, stripes and jewel tones. It’s too early to choose one, so she wears them all. Smiling in surprise, our heroine discovers that this crazy lack of early morning decision making might actually work out for the best. She feels especially accomplished for completing the most challenging task of dressing oneself and struts out the door. Next on the agenda? World peace. But first, coffee.

Now that is what I call outfit success.

all the layers 4a

all the layers 3a

all the layers 5

all the layers 1a

OH HEY, 2015

Layered Preppy Outfit Leather Tote 4a

This gorgeous Madewell tote is just like 2015: new and full of possibilities. It really is the star of the outfit, even though my stand-by leopard print heels try to steal the spotlight, per usual. This leather, though. Supple and sturdy, it’s downright delicious.

Here’s to another year of being brave and in-tune with that inner voice. Time to triumph, friends! Might as well start this whole world domination thing today. But first, cognac totes.

Layered Preppy Outfit Leather Tote 2a

Layered Preppy Outfit Leather Tote 1a

Layered Preppy Outfit Leather Tote 5a

Layered Preppy Outfit Leather Tote 3a


poshfest photo booth

That time I help put on PoshFest and spoke on a panel.
Before I say “bye Felicia” to 2014, I wanted to share some of my favorite moments of the year, many not yet featured within Sparkle Meets Pop’s virtual pages. It’s tough, however, to capture a year in posts, pictures or songs. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of words: achievement, heart, bonds, goodbyes, growth, adventure and sass. Yes, friends, there’s always sass. People are known to get down on themselves and resolve to be better. I’m confident from my past that each day gets better, so I feel a mixture of hope, excitement and peace for the days to come.

For kicks, I thought I’d share my top five posts of 2014:

  1. Green Blue, High Low
  2. This Is 30
  3. Brunching With The Best
  4. #HowWeWear: Black & White
  5. Business Lion

But wait, there’s more. The SMP love fest continues with a year-ending playlist to share with you. Much of this is what I have been listening to for the past few months, but have yet to share. May these jams be a way to have a safe, healthy and happy New Year. Thank you so much for reading.



st regis princeville cocktail

That time I impulsively booked a much-needed stay at the St. Regis Princeville. 

stanford theater palo alto marquee

That time I shared a love of old movies with friends, and thought for a few seconds thought that maybe, just maybe that the Titanic wouldn’t sink and the movie would have a happy ending.

chloe wine matt leblanc boston common magazine red carpet

That time I held hands with Matt LeBlanc. Just kidding! Or am I…?

washington square park san francisco girls picnic

All those times we went to the park for wine, people watching and basking in the glorious San Francisco sun.

shot of whiskey cup of tea quote

That time I raised a shot of whiskey and said cheers to this truth.

poshmark blogger san francisco fashion photoshoot

That time the Poshmark blogger babes were featured in Racked SF and on the Yahoo! homepage. 

san francisco golden gate bridge view

Those times I looked out my window, gazed at the Golden Gate Bridge and was in awe.

beach side st regis princeville

That time I shamelessly ordered piña coladas all day on the beach in a leopard print bikini. 

fierce quote

Those times I was brave, driven, unstoppable and smiling.