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Are your halls decked and presents wrapped? It’s about this time I try to focus on the Peace on Earth part of the season with a cup of cocoa and a favorite Christmas movie enjoyed in the glow of the Christmas tree. So I’m hoping to up the merriment factor with this week’s playlist. Nothing quite gets you in the spirit like some old classics combined with new favorites. (And yes, you’re likely at your max for Mariah’s popular Christmas song, but it just felt wrong to leave it out. The first few bars get me in the Christmas spirit like no other.)

Speaking of Christmas spirit, I had the chance to join my brother, sister-in-law and adorable nephews for a day of fun in Disneyland. There’s nothing quite like seeing the joy on little faces as they run around, go on rides and wave hello to their favorite characters.

family christmas disneyland 2013



pom 75 cocktail demo 1

The holidays are officially upon us. I don’t know what exactly makes it official, except for the inescapable cheery music is on every airwave and there’s a whole new slew of seasonal flavored drinks on every menu. I’m joining the festivities by adding another seasonal drink that’s perfect for your holiday party. It’s a twist on an old favorite, the Pom 75. It’s festive, easy and sparkly – the perfect Christmas cocktail. In fact, make it easy on yourself by making the guests the bartenders for the evening. All you need to do is premix the non sparkly ingredients in a pitcher with ice. Come party time, guests simply pour a drink and add a splash of bubbly and pomegranate seeds.

I shared this cocktail with the Interior Design SF meetup crew last week. Tastemaker, a web service linking people with interior designers, hosted the evening and organized holiday entertaining demos. It was such a great time, if you’re around and a lover of interiors, sign up to get updates and join us at the next meetup.

pom 75 cocktail demo 2

Pom 75
1 oz lemon juice
1.5 oz gin
3/4 oz pomegranate juice
splash of chilled champagne/dry sparkling wine (1-2 oz)
pomegranate seeds for garnish

For easy entertaining, mix all non-bubbly ingredients in a pitcher with ice and allow guests to top off their glasses with sparkling wine and pomegranate seeds. This drink is on the tart side, so feel free to add some simple syrup to the pitcher if that’s your thing.


christmas decor 1

So it’s known that I like to rebel a bit when it comes to holiday tradition. This year I made brunch for Thanksgiving and I am also in love with more muted and metallic decor. (Maybe I’m just addicted to shiny stuff in general?) Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite ideas. If you’re a visionary optimist, you can turn what you already have into Christmas decorations if you just put your mind to it. Really get those gears going in a positive way, before the chaos joys of the season has you losing your marbles.   christmas decor 2

christmas decor 3

christmas decor 4


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L: Nothing says Christmas morning with the parents like Guamosas!
R: Fresh faced and excited to see what Santa brought.

Welcome to the Christmas Cheer edition of Oh Snap. Buddy the Elf would change his caroling-tune to say that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is to clog up Instagram with merriment aplenty. It was such a good day that I couldn’t help but share. I’m learning to cut back, however, since my 18-year-old cousin not so silently hinted that it was borderline overkill. Noted … but no promises. :)


L: Brotherly love? You may remember my dog-in-law Kody from Thanksgiving.
R: So excited for my presents: cheese balls, leopard print phone case and retro headphones!


L: Christmas Eve started with fine wines and a new favorite cheese (Gran Podano).
R: Christmas day ended with one of our favorite sparklers.