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So it’s known that I like to rebel a bit when it comes to holiday tradition. This year I made brunch for Thanksgiving and I am also in love with more muted and metallic decor. (Maybe I’m just addicted to shiny stuff in general?) Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite ideas. If you’re a visionary optimist, you can turn what you already have into Christmas decorations if you just put your mind to it. Really get those gears going in a positive way, before the chaos joys of the season has you losing your marbles.   christmas decor 2

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There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly sharpened pencils and brightly colored office supplies that makes me skip down the office supply aisles. Yes, back-to-college time continues to elicit bubbling excitement from me, even though classes and orientations are not in my future.

When Target asked me to check out their Back to College dorm room styles, I found myself giddy at the concept of putting together a space with the fun and affordable pieces. Who doesn’t dream of going to college again? :)

Back in the day, my freshman dorm was decked out with zebra print bedding (total shocker, I know…), No Doubt posters, and photos of friends and family back home. At the time, it was exciting but a bit overwhelming to get everything I needed while also preparing to transition away from living at home. How would it all come together and what exactly did I need to make the space my own?

Thankfully, Target is a one-stop shop online and in-store. In addition to having a college checklist to help you, they also designed uStyler, where you get to digitally create a customized space with bedding, lighting, seating, art and accessories.

target dorm room 1

These are my customized picks – love the gold pillow and the iPhone speaker alarm (dance party, anyone?) – but there is so much more to choose from that I had to make another moodboard for my dream back-to-school space.

art | coffee press | memo board | lamp
frame | bedding | bookcase

Go for the fun bedding, because who knows when you’ll get to do it again when you’re officially an adult. A pretty memo board for photos and letters from home is a way to make the room feel more homey, and trust me, you’ll need a coffee press for those inevitable late nights and early mornings. The bookcase is amazing – who says you can’t transition dorm furniture to your first apartment and beyond?

So tell me, do school supplies excite you, too? What did your dorm room space look like and what would you do differently if you had another go-around?

This post was sponsored by Target, but all opinions are my own.


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When is a house a home? To me, it’s when it looks like boring people don’t live there anymore. Hear me out. When we first moved into our place, it was staged and looked nice, but it didn’t feel very homey to me. Now that a bit more of our personality has been sprinkled here and there, it feels like our home. Yet, there’s this thing called restraint that has been holding us back a bit. Since we were newlyweds and wanting to please the other and enter this “adult” phase of our lives, I wonder if we’ve stopped having fun with decorating. Where’s the risk-taking?

Here are a collection of pins that are out of the ordinary, but that inspire me to throw restraint to the wind. Some ideas are bolder than others, but the boldest room inspiration I’ve ever pinned has to do with a waterslide in a bedroom closet.

For most of my In Da House posts – which, for newbies, is all about collecting inspiration for our future space we hope to buy soon – I highlight some overarching themes across my collection of photos. This time, I think I’ll let the fun ideas speak for themselves.

Who’s inspired? Do you have a space that’s especially infused with some personality?

starburst light fixture

watercolor wallpaper

ice cream scoop art



garden sofa

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They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but we spend the most time by far in the living room. I don’t know if that’s a point of pride to elaborate on how often I’m on my couch… At least it’s a nice couch! (Side note: I documented my cleaning escapades on Instagram – yes, I lead a ridiculously wild life – and here’s my blessed couch.)

I’ve looked at some other living rooms for inspiration as a part of my In Da House series, where I sift through my favorite rooms to inspire my future home’s style. These rooms are sleek yet inviting and fall into my ideal color palette: beachy neutrals with select pops of color. Here’s what else I’m loving:

Dark hardwood floors with plush area rugs
Upholstered, structured couches and chairs
Unique side tables
Natural wood accent furniture
Natural light from big windows

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