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Last time we took a look at bedrooms, they were beautifully soft and airy – many with a tufted headboard. While I still love that, and included a couple more below, for this next installment I wanted to open it up to something a little more glamorous and risky. Why not make a statement in the room that is truly all about you. Does something ridiculous make you really happy? Give it a try! Chances are your room will make you ridiculously happy.

So what am I loving about these bedrooms? Let’s break it down.

Lux finishes – especially gold!
Pattern and texture play in layers
Simple, clean bedding
Big windows framed with flowing drapes
Statement benches at the end of the bed
Mixing design styles and eras

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electrolux suite design kitchen

I’ve twice posted about my favorite kitchens (here and here) in this In Da House series, where I share my interior inspirations in order to plan out the design of our next home. As I dream about the perfect kitchen, I know functionality is as important as the design itself. I dream about sleek and stylish appliances and layout as much as I do the finishing touches like countertops and cabinet pulls.

When Electrolux asked me to elaborate on my dream kitchen from their “Suite Design” spaces, I was up for the challenge to start envisioning how my space might come to life based on some of their inspirations. The key to “Suite Design” is to select pieces – from appliances to decorative touches – that complement each other. In the inspiration image above, you can see how everything from the induction cooktop stove to the french door refrigerator create a cohesive space along with the pulls and clean lines of decor. Imagine the great food and fun memories that could be made in a dream kitchen like this…


Floors | Counters | TileChairs (only $90!) | Appliances

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective, and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



Last year I made a calendar for some family and friends, based off the style I had seen on Young House Love back in the day. This year, to celebrate the New Year, I decided to share with you as well. Download the 2013 Calendar (save the PDF to your computer) and print on cardstock. I like to trim the sides to give it an interesting shape — about an inch on each side. The bottom has space for notes, too.

See below for thumbnails of what each month looks like. For all those August babies like me who would always get the short-end of the calendar image stick, it’s pretty much my favorite. I tried to make the colors representative of the months. Enjoy and Happy New Year!





The above photo was featured on Erin Gates’ Elements of Style blog and it reinvigorated my hunt for home photos. You see, we’re in a bit of a limbo. We’ve done all of the projects we want to do in our current home and are thisclose to our down payment savings goal on our future home — #firstworldproblemslimbo, I know.

Instead of wallowing in silly discontent, I’m planning ahead to focus on the projects I’ll get to tackle soon. Hence, I’m starting the In Da House series, based off images saved on my Pinterest board of the same name. Also, I’m hoping sorting these ideas out now so that we can avoid his-hers design disagreements.

Plan to see the above blue door, with a few elements of some of our favorite exteriors, in our future home:

White trim
White picket fence
Contrasting shutters/window trim
Updated traditional style
Muted/neutral colors

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