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There’s nothing like California wine country. Up and down the state we get to taste some of the best wine the world has to offer, each region offering its own distinct signature style. The rows of vines among estates big and small make me feel at home. I’m a California girl, through and through. Hit the road and you never know where it might lead. Sure, your skirt might get wrinkles from time spent on the road, but I’m not one to let fashion faux pas get in the way of a good time – or a good photoshoot opportunity.

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When a person is incapable of buying anything but black clothing, what does it say about that person’s soul? I would contend that this particular soul is feeling tre chic and not tre goth. It may be the season for bright colors, but that’s where my scarf and nail color come in. Besides, ain’t nobody got time for contemplating matters of the soul when there are deals to be had. I snagged this Anthro dress during a sale and it’s now one of my favorite garments to date. Fun fact? Check out the texture and remind me to skip my granola bars because dress does double duty as a crumb catcher. It’s saving that for a snack for later, because LBDs be classy like that.
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Sometimes the best outfits are thrown together, as was the case with this one. I was in the mood to wear one of my favorite dresses, but a casual spring afternoon in the city didn’t really call for a strapless number. Why this outfit didn’t dawn on me before – because chambray goes with everything – will forever be a mystery. So often I make clothing purchases that do double duty: office appropriate that can also be suitable for off-the-clock hours. Yet, I think it’s time to expand my closet’s horizons beyond the “business casual” limits I had been imposing. Besides, there must be a reason why there’s “fun” in funky.

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It’s time to take back those dresses. Yes, those ones that convince you they are only right for a certain time or occasion. Nay, I say!  Grab those dresses, toss a cardi and belt on and you’ve got yourself a cross-seasonal outfit. Bonus points if it’s twirlable. Fun and sweet, this dress and sweater combo channels the sea of twirly swirly gum drops. Or … I love Elf so much that I find a way to quote it in all situations. Not now, arctic puffin!

Dress: Forever 21 | Sweater: Banana Republic | Belt: NY & Co. | Flats: Sam Edelman

Photos by Lauren of The Pear Shape