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Why do I call San Francisco home? We’re kindred, that’s why. We value niceties, but appreciate the quirks just as much. Some people say fall, San Francisco says summer. Some people say crazy, San Francisco says spirited. We like to go against the grain. We do it our way and we look good doing it. When the Poshmark blogger gals decided to go for a fall brights themed photo shoot, I was perplexed at how to put my mark on the challenge. Most of my wardrobe is on the neutral side, plus I’m still getting used to the layered, foggy and pedestrian place that is the City by the Bay.

Topshop saved the day as I found plenty a bright item that called to me. But orange floral print shorts? In fall? Absolutely. They reeled me in and I was powerless to resist. I love me some retro inspired prints, which harken to my days of being a Roxy fanatic – and yes, I still use my baby blue floral print suitcase when I travel.

So the Poshmark ladies met up in our fair city on a trademark gray day to shoot with the delightful and talented Erica Garlieb. The shoot was recently featured on Racked SF, and I was thrilled to be included in such a fabulous round-up. Each of my fellow bloggers has such a unique point of view, which I love. It’s one of the reasons I love being a part of this team: the celebration of personal style and the evolving closet. When you buy and sell on the app, you get to love new things and let your pre-loved pieces shine on someone else.

I’m not sure when and if these shorts will hit my virtual closet (because I am utterly enamored at present), but my sweater, chambray shirt and some jewels we PoshFinds. My necklace is also from the lovely SF-based Sweet and Spark.

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fall fashion trend brights blogger

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fall fashion trend brights san francisco blogger

fall fashion trend brights outfit

fall fashion trend brights blogger 3

fall fashion trend brights details

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This skirt had me debating in the dressing room. It was fun and different, but was it me? Could I pull off a flared neoprene skirt? The constant decisions and second guessing are what keep me from loving shopping. I really shouldn’t doubt myself, though, because I L-O-V-E this skirt. I wore it to kick off the 10 Days of Fall #PoshStyle Instagram Challenge. (Are you joining in the fun? You could win big!) While it may not exactly feel like summer has left the building, it does make me excited for a new season of style. Excited enough that you may just find me shopping (and quieting my inner doubt) again sometime soon.

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After a break last week, we’re back with another playlist for your listening pleasure. This one is a bit different as it has some new songs and some that are a blast from the past. Specifically, many are straight out of my college soundtrack. I recall walking to and from classes in a specific part of campus lined with trees, as their orange leaves gave way to bare branches with twinkling lights. While seasonal changes weren’t always apparent in Southern California, there was definitely a feeling of transition in the air. Years later and in a new location, I still sense it. In an instant I am transported to our student newsroom, rushing to meet deadlines with the Garden State soundtrack on repeat. Before things get so holiday focused, I’m attempted to pause and remember where I’ve come in the seasons since those days.


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A California girl at heart, turning leaves are bittersweet. Days are shorter, weather is colder and I can’t help but long for days by the pool with a tropical drink. This is especially true on my drive to work, where I pass through vineyards that only weeks ago had fluffs of green leaves and heavy grape clusters. Now without water, the vines make their beautiful decent into hibernation to prepare for the next lot. I embrace these colors and the last remnants of leaves before they will only be pruned. Winter vineyards just look like a collection of spindly and sad old lady fingers. Maybe I just need to get a sun lamp and get over it. Until then, I’ll look on the brighter and more colorful side of the current cycle before dwelling too much on the next part.

Have the happiest of weekends, friends!