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This skirt had me debating in the dressing room. It was fun and different, but was it me? Could I pull off a flared neoprene skirt? The constant decisions and second guessing are what keep me from loving shopping. I really shouldn’t doubt myself, though, because I L-O-V-E this skirt. I wore it to kick off the 10 Days of Fall #PoshStyle Instagram Challenge. (Are you joining in the fun? You could win big!) While it may not exactly feel like summer has left the building, it does make me excited for a new season of style. Excited enough that you may just find me shopping (and quieting my inner doubt) again sometime soon.

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When a person is incapable of buying anything but black clothing, what does it say about that person’s soul? I would contend that this particular soul is feeling tre chic and not tre goth. It may be the season for bright colors, but that’s where my scarf and nail color come in. Besides, ain’t nobody got time for contemplating matters of the soul when there are deals to be had. I snagged this Anthro dress during a sale and it’s now one of my favorite garments to date. Fun fact? Check out the texture and remind me to skip my granola bars because dress does double duty as a crumb catcher. It’s saving that for a snack for later, because LBDs be classy like that.
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business lion 2

What happens when you get a new job at a fashion ecommerce app? You have to up your work wardrobe game.

Oh yeah, by the way, did I mention the new job?! So fun to have joined the Poshmark team! But back to the task at hand, adding fun to a business casual closet. How does one do it? You spice it up bit by bit. So, blazer and black pants, meet my  friend, Mr. Business Lion. He may have hipster glasses on, but he’s licking his chops to make the next big deal happen.

business lion 5

business lion 4

business lion 3

Obviously with the Business Lion comes an unruliness that is tough to tame. It inspired the above “come at me, bro!” before I was able to tame it below with a lil laugh. It’s a tough responsibility to wear a shirt like this, but this gal is game to do it. Rawr.

business lion 1