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Oh hey, the faux leather shorts are back! That must mean that San Francisco summer has procrastinated into the fall months again. These shorts and this J. Crew popover plaid shirt have seen a lot of blog time, and for good reason: I love them! As much as I’m all about creating a revolving closet with Poshmark, some things you just want to smother every last wear out of them. That’s what I also plan to do with these boots, purchased on – you guessed it! – Poshmark.

Have I mentioned that much of my job involves finding the best items on the site – a.k.a. shopping? The struggle is real, my friends.

Something else great about my place of employment? We get visitors like the oh-so-talented, friendly and knowledgeable Ryan Chua. I feel like I should get a badge of honor to be counted as one of the bloggers to pose in front of his lens. He’s legit, so it almost makes me legit by association. Almost.

Believe me, you’re going to want to check out more of his work at his site, Ryan by Ryan Chua.

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Holy blog break, Batman! Yes I’m still here and if the title didn’t imply – I’m totally in denial of the passage of days that means it’s an entirely new year. In the spirit of denial, I present a Best of 2013 post well into January 2014. (Juan-uary anyone?)

One of my favorite things about this last year was a break in my typical style and nothing proves that more than my faux leather obsession. Don’t be deceived, I actually don’t live in these pants. But one could, because they are quite comfortable and versatile for even the most classic of wardrobes. And you’d better believe that I rung in the New Year in these favorites while dancing to a Talking Heads cover band. #funtimes

Last time, I was going for more edge and this time comfort was key. Paired with a cozy tunic sweater and some strappy sandals made for a fun day of girl time in the city by the bay. Seriously, what is better than burritos, gab, a little photoshoot and a Hitchcock double feature?

faux leather cozy outfit 2

faux leather cozy outfit 3

faux leather cozy outfit 4

Photos by Lauren of The Pear Shape


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Okay, okay. At some point I promise I’ll shut up about pleather leather faux leather – whatever! Please know that I’ve been holding onto my faux leather pants – as seen in this fun photoshoot! – but that the extended summer has kept me from wearing them quite yet. So while I wait for cooler weather to grace California, I’ll check out these looks for inspiration. I love how this style can be so versatile – slouchy sweaters, breezy blouses or layers under blazers – throw on a pair of hot shoes and you’re good to go!



Allow me to present the sassy conclusion of the car photoshoot with the ever-so-talented Jess from J Swenson Photography. Last week I shared the story of “my” car, a 1970 Mercedes 220D, and how it brought out a bit of a split personality in me. There unassuming vintage ride was formerly represented in lace and pearls. Some might even use the word cute in describing this little ole’ ride. Yet, learning how to drive this car was no easy feat and anything but cute. Might I refresh your memory: it’s a manual without power steering whose engine starts by pulling a knob. Most people can’t even figure out the seat belts! It would pose quite a challenge for even those who can drive stick and even if they can get that down, I’d like to see them try it in heels! So that is where the other personality comes out…

It’s also where the faux leather comes out! Yes, my addiction continues with leggings and the sheer shirt with faux leather geometric pattern. In both the car and these pants, I feel pretty badass. (Never mind that I went to the grocery store pharmacy in this get-up afterwards, around 8 a.m., and felt a tad out of place.) As I rev up the engine and shift from gear to gear, I can’t help but feel like I belong on a race track. Growing up I always wanted to play with the boys, but still wear dresses and be girly. This look keeps that in mind: the sleek lines and chunky jewelry show that you’re not messing around. But add some heels, a soft curl and a smile and you’ve got just the right amount of girly up in there.