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New Years Outfit: Target skirt (also here) | J Crew tee | Dolce Vita Booties
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When One Project Closes: Salvage material hunting for a new project.
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Life is Just a Bowl of Cuties: Better than my other orange food addiction (Cheetos Puffs)!

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January-Ish: Or not January at all. But note to self, I need more chocolate this and every month.


chef todd english bing app demo

Get ready to be jealous. This past weekend, Jillian and I were lucky enough to get a private cooking demonstration from celebrity chef Todd English. As you can tell from a few photos below, it was quite steamy. ;) To clarify, it wasn’t exactly just us heating up the Culinary Institute of America’s kitchens, but he did give us and our scallops extra attention for which we were especially grateful. After the demo, we noshed on rabbit ragu and pumpkin creme brulee, each with its own wine pairing, naturally.

Thanks to the team at Bing for inviting us to take part in a Flavor! Napa Valley event and try out their new Food & Drink App on the Surface tablet. See below where I go all Vanna White and work my hands-free magic of flipping through some of the delectable recipes. (They come pre-loaded!) It’s really a shame that the food tasted so good, because now all lunches will pale in comparison. So, thanks Chef and Bing for forever ruining my taste buds in the best possible way.

flavor napa valley lunch todd english

emily bing food and drink app

jillian emily chef todd english napa

scallops chestnuts orange todd english

rabbit ragu todd english    pumpkin creme brulee chef todd english



The next installment of Explore SF takes us to brunch (sensing a theme here?) at Chambers Eat + Drink. It was my second time here and it was just as good as I had remembered. Connected to San Francisco’s “iconic rock ‘n’ roll hotel” The Phoenix, it is like a blast from the past. I half expected to see Don Draper outside of the window by the pool. (One can dream, right?) Even the friendly staff was feeling it, dubbing some photo-taking friends as the new Rat Pack.

The restaurant and bar is more than just retro music inspired decor. Don’t let the vintage vibes throw you, though, the meals aren’t your typical diner fare. The focus is about flavor more so than monster portions. The menu features California market fresh dishes with Japanese and Mediterranean influences. Plates are so good that you are bound to end up sharing some bites, so it is wise to order a couple sides if you’re needing to fuel up after a wild night out. This last time I had the egg sandwich and salad that had me practically licking my plate. Matt opted for the omelet with chorizo and a deliciously creamy cheese. It doesn’t look like your typical (boring and bland) omelet and thankfully doesn’t taste like one either.


I hear this place is also a good time in the evening hours. While I’d love to come back, I try not to hang around the Tenderloin after dark if at all possible. You could also convince me to chill at the pool side cabanas on the mid-century modern patio. With delicious drinks – try the refreshing Chambers Mimosa! – and the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, Chambers really is quite the hot spot.


Chambers Eat + Drink 601 Eddy St., San Francisco
Tasty brunch and cocktails, patio seating, friendly staff, good for groups, retro rock ‘n’ roll decor
Street parking, beware of tweakers in the Tenderloin, accepts credit cards



I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but I didn’t find any of the namesakes at last Saturday’s brunch spot: Craftsman and Wolves. Although, perhaps it’s a good thing that I don’t run into wolves all that often. (Ever.) Over the weekend a friend and I headed to this contemporary patisserie in The Mission. We were driven there after seeing it on Sosh, which is a social bookmarking site that tells you where to go and what to do in San Francisco as well as New York.

Once you step in the place – keep your eyes peeled for the sign outside, by the way, because it’s small and hidden by trees – you’ll find it to be contemporary indeed. It’s got the industrial but charming vibe, with little pastries artfully stacked on chunks of wood that rest on a slab of metal (or was it concrete?). We arrived at around 10:30 a.m. or so and the line wasn’t too bad. The front case was well stocked with muffins and cakes, but they were still putting out more goodies in the enclosed cases on the side, which surprised me. Those selections were certainly more fancy, although I didn’t get a great look, but perhaps they weren’t breakfast/brunch selections.


Anyway, we were here for the food. Not just any food, but The Rebel Within. It’s a savory muffin with asiago, sausage and green onion that houses a soft cooked egg. Be sure to move any other pastries to another plate as that yolk is nice and runny. My only complaint? It was weird to eat it cold. Not sure if you could ask for it to be nuked, but that may keep the yolk from being as runny as desired. We also ordered a couple pastries – because why not? – and were pleased with our choices of an almond raspberry croissant drop and a toasted hazelnut financier.


I’d go back, but I will say that I want to explore more brunch spots before I dare select a favorite.

Craftsman & Wolves746 Valencia Street (at 18th Street), The Mission, San Francisco
Pastries and brunch, also serving meals and wine after 11 a.m.
Street parking, small sign, lines likely, accepts credit cards.