tove lo

Three things for you to ponder on this glorious playlist Friday:

  1. Obsessed. With. Tove. Lo. And you should be too. I’ve sprinkled three – yes three! – of her tracks in this week’s playlist. Yet again, it’s full of some amazing female-centric tunes. Not sure if that’s necessarily on purpose, but like Queen B sings, we run this motha’. And yeah, you may be tired of hearing all us ladies singing about how fancy we be. Too bad, so sad. I channel Iggy all day, errday.
  2. Online personas. For those of you with them, how do you feel about the digital projection? I’ve been told that mine (specifically on Instagram) doesn’t really reflect my personality. Hmm. Perhaps I’m trying to keep my quirkiness on the down low? Maybe it’s time for SMP 2.o.
  3. I need a baby goat, please. I will name her Gertie and teach her Taylor Swift songs and life will be great.



Shirt:Stitch Fix | Headband: Homemade (tutorial here) | Necklace: Forever 21 (similar)
Bag: Michael Kors (Similar) | Skirt: H&M (similar) | Bracelet: J Crew Factory | Shoes: Macy’s (similar)

Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my outfit post on Friday! I’m still in the awkward pose phase, so don’t mind me. I thought I would share what I wore to go see The Great Gatsby on Saturday. Yes, I was that person getting dressed up to see a movie. I only got a couple comments and looks. Thanks to the husband for helping me own it. (I’ll share more pictures later this week.) It all got me thinking that it’s about time to bring decorative headwear back into the mainstream, right? They’re so easy to make, after all. :)

While the movie wasn’t the best representation of the story, it was still a lot of fun. I mostly found myself wondering who throws those kinds of parties and how would I crash one…

For those of you who love all things Gatsby, I also wanted to share a fun project showing how San Francisco got in on the fun.

gatsby inspired bar shoot

Isn’t this photoshoot the coolest? It took place at the Mission’s Trick Dog Bar to highlight seven local artisans and vendors, including Honey Cooler Handmade lingerie, Zelma Rose bowties and pocket squares, and Franklin Street lipstick. While I’m not the one to wear lingerie out and about, it’s fun to see how the fun of Gatsby can transcend into an every day style.

Bartenders: Morgan Schick,Chad Arnholt | Model: Ukushu Khrystyna | Photography: Antonette Streeter Photography | Styling: Dominique Guillen | Lingerie: Petunia Moonshine Chemise by Honey Cooler Handmade | Lipstick: Franklin Street Stick by Elizabeth Street Cosmetics | Men’s Accessories: Zelma Rose and Paul’s Hat Works | Hair and Makeup: Rebecca Taff



L | So encouraged after talking about Proverbs verses with our small group. Choose joy!
R | Tried a new outfit, honestly not sure if the rest of it was so cute. But I liked this part!

I’m switching up the typical Oh Snap post since my friend Camille from Planning Pretty nominated me for a Liebster Award. So now it’s time for me to thank her, the Academy and to pretend that I’m interesting by answering some questions. Oh, and stick with it because like a good chain blog post, I’ll be nominating some friendsies!



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L | Watched my first Gloria Swanson film, gearing up for a 20s party on Saturday.
R | Jillian and I all dolled up for the party. More on the party soon!

I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since my last Oh Snap. When you are living day-to-day, it’s pretty amazing to realize all that has happened in just a few short weeks. Anything of interest going on with you all lately?


L | Saying goodbye to old friends — though not forever!
R | Saying hello to new ones is fun, too. So much fun meeting Bay Area bloggers lately.


L | Gave the Oakland Food Truck event a try and let’s just say I’m  hooked.
R | 2013 might be the year of brunch. You know I can’t say no to eggs benny.


L | Loving hikes lately in the California sunshine with he husby.
R | Wearing yellow and blue because I’m a sun and sea girl at heart.