clover canyon rent the runway 4 This isn’t the first time I’ve gushed about Rent The Runway and it likely won’t be the last. Last year for my company holiday party I was over the moon with a black and gold lace dress by Trina Turk. This year, after sharing a few favorite holiday party looks (here and here), I finally decided to give into this Clover Canyon obsession that has been going around. (Exhibit A: my girl Kate rocking a CC skirt and crop top.)

clover canyon rent the runway 5

clover canyon rent the runway 3

You guys, this dress was so. much. fun. From the print to the neoprene texture, it fit well and it made me feel like a million bucks. While it did ride up a bit under the bust, for the most part it was truly the perfect dress. A tear or two may have been shed when I had to send it back. Bye, bye, Clover Canyon dress. I hope to see you or your other fab CC friends in my closet sometime in the not-too-distant future.

So, do yourself a favor and check out Rent The Runway. They’re not paying me to say this, I just heart them so hard right now. Before RTR, I would scour the mall around the holidays, but not find a single dress that I liked that was also in my budget. When I would up the budget, guilt would set in because I knew I wouldn’t wear the dress enough to justify the price. So while it’s a bummer not to be able to keep the dress you rent, you get to have the designer dress fun without the full-price commitment. Plus, you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning and their customer service is excellent. Not to mention, their fit guides and customer photos are so helpful when it comes to making sure the dress will fit you and your event.

Psst… if you sign up with my referral link, you’ll save $20 off your first order!

clover canyon rent the runway 1

clover canyon rent the runway 2

Dress: Rent the Runway | Cuff: Sweet and Spark | Clutch: c/o Urban Expressions | Shoes: Isola

Photos by Lauren of The Pear Shape


christmas decor 1

So it’s known that I like to rebel a bit when it comes to holiday tradition. This year I made brunch for Thanksgiving and I am also in love with more muted and metallic decor. (Maybe I’m just addicted to shiny stuff in general?) Here’s a round-up of some of my favorite ideas. If you’re a visionary optimist, you can turn what you already have into Christmas decorations if you just put your mind to it. Really get those gears going in a positive way, before the chaos joys of the season has you losing your marbles.   christmas decor 2

christmas decor 3

christmas decor 4


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salt & pepper shakers | bunting | metallic print napkins | gold mercury glass vases
white plate | woodgrain plate | rose gold serving spoons | gold fox shaker | squirrel nutcracker | bar cart

 Excitement has yet to be overpowered by nervousness when it comes to hosting Thanksgiving brunch this year. I’m planning on mixing in some sparkle and shine to the day and it’s all about the details. I’m planning on rounding up some of my mercury glass and shiny decor and balance it with some more rustic elements. I plan to cover the table in craft paper and give my nephews some crayons – which I’m sure the adults will enjoy too. :)

The above board has my vision of the day, with most items coming from Target and West Elm. Those are two of my favorite places to pick up great decor and entertaining necessities that will look great during the holiday and long after. And what is more fall-centric than animal themed housewares?  (As an aside, I’m hoping you all get my C+C Music Factory reference with that squirrel nutcracker. Cue to 2:18 on this vid and be taken back to the greatest lyrics. of. all. time. Not an exaggeration. And, as a bonus random factoid: yours truly rocked the fifth grade talent show dancing to that. Knee pads and all.)

But seriously, besides having your loved ones around the table, what can make a better holiday than glittery letters, rose gold serveware and faux bois plates?


thanksgiving brunch menu

Thanksgiving is going non-traditional for my family. We’re switching up the typical celebration and I can’t be more excited. Sometimes, like rules, traditions are made to be broken. Having never been very tied to having the same meal each year, and since I am hosting for the first time, I decided to declare brunch as the official 2013 Thanksgiving family meal. In telling friends and coworkers about this, I had expected some strange looks from traditional sticklers. Yet everyone, including my family thankfully, seems to be charmed by the idea.

So, the menu will include classic brunch items with a bit of a Thanksgiving twist. Or at least enough of a Thanksgiving twist that would distinguish it from any other brunch.

+ Brioche French Toast with Brown Sugar-Cranberry Sauce
+ Country Fried Regular and Sweet Potatoes
+ Egg Dish
+ Sliced Turkey Breast
+ Fruit Salad
+ Mimosas and Pomosas

family thanksgiving 2012

I’m also very excited to host my nephews this year, because they are the cutest little guys on the planet. It’s an undisputed fact, if the above photo from Thanksgiving last year doesn’t prove that enough. They do come from a great gene pool, as the above photo also proves. No offense to the rest of my family invited over for brunch, but I’m trying to earn some major Auntie Em points in making sure the nephews have a good time. If they want ice cream for brunch and puppies to take home, all they have to do is ask. :)