Kitchens are undoubtedly my favorite room in the house. Sure living rooms are comfy and bedrooms are plush, but there’s just so much fun going on in the kitchen. I drool over countertops (quartz and carrera marble please!) and size up the floors. What pulls and faucets finish off the look? How did they integrate the appliances? I mean, if you’re without a personal chef, you might as well cook in style!

In my first look at inspiring kitchens, and later kitchen details, you’ll see that I was attracted to light and airy spaces, pops of color and subway tile. Not much has changed, but these spaces seem particularly elevated. The rug above and the light fixtures below, for example, really add a polished look to the space. You’ll find strategic use of bright colors are balanced with open shelving with plenty of natural light. These elements, my friends, are what dream kitchens are all about.

Now who’s cooking? I’ll pop open the wine! ;)


in-da-house-kitchen-2b in-da-house-kitchen-2c in-da-house-kitchen-2d in-da-house-kitchen-2e in-da-house-kitchen-2f

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in da house living room 1

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but we spend the most time by far in the living room. I don’t know if that’s a point of pride to elaborate on how often I’m on my couch… At least it’s a nice couch! (Side note: I documented my cleaning escapades on Instagram – yes, I lead a ridiculously wild life – and here’s my blessed couch.)

I’ve looked at some other living rooms for inspiration as a part of my In Da House series, where I sift through my favorite rooms to inspire my future home’s style. These rooms are sleek yet inviting and fall into my ideal color palette: beachy neutrals with select pops of color. Here’s what else I’m loving:

Dark hardwood floors with plush area rugs
Upholstered, structured couches and chairs
Unique side tables
Natural wood accent furniture
Natural light from big windows

in da house living room 2

in da house living room 3

in da house living room 4

in da house living room 5

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tote | napkin | sculpture
terrarium | doormat

Today I have a beach house getaway on my mind. (Anyone else sensing a theme here?) These items from Jayson Home could all fit perfectly. They’re textured with interesting shapes with a mostly muted color palette. I’ve admired this home store for a while, in fact I was gifted a sweet little feather dish for my birthday last year. (Thanks, Mom & Dad!) While much of the shop’s offerings are outside of my current price range, they have plenty of interesting pieces for a reasonable price that can add that “little something” to make your space uniquely yours.