Kitchens are undoubtedly my favorite room in the house. Sure living rooms are comfy and bedrooms are plush, but there’s just so much fun going on in the kitchen. I drool over countertops (quartz and carrera marble please!) and size up the floors. What pulls and faucets finish off the look? How did they integrate the appliances? I mean, if you’re without a personal chef, you might as well cook in style!

In my first look at inspiring kitchens, and later kitchen details, you’ll see that I was attracted to light and airy spaces, pops of color and subway tile. Not much has changed, but these spaces seem particularly elevated. The rug above and the light fixtures below, for example, really add a polished look to the space. You’ll find strategic use of bright colors are balanced with open shelving with plenty of natural light. These elements, my friends, are what dream kitchens are all about.

Now who’s cooking? I’ll pop open the wine! ;)


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I hope you are all refreshed and renewed from a wonderful weekend — I had a great weekend and am slowly getting back in the groove this Monday morning. It’s been a while since our last installment of In Da House — the series where I sift through my collection of inspirational interiors to act as a guide in decorating our future home. As a general update on that… We were hoping to start house hunting in May, but as prices have significantly jumped in the last few months due to bidding wars and low inventory, we’ll just take our time and try not to rush anything. Easier said than done!

I know we already had an In Da House featuring some amazing kitchens, but today we’re looking at unique details that can take a beautiful kitchen to the next level. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Eat-in banquette
Leaded glass cabinet doors
Modern glass chandeliers
Grasscloth wallpaper
Mirrored backsplash tiles
Herringbone slate tile






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These days when I have a free moment to zone out, I’m often escaping to the beach. In my daydreams I can smell the ocean air and be comforted by the sounds of crashing waves. Heck, I don’t even mind a bit of sand being tracked into my dream house, because of course I have a maid to worry about that since it is my dreams and all.

What brings my daydreams to my In Da House series, where I collect inspirations to direct the look of our next home, is that I’m often drawn to the style of coastal escape. It’s the unshakable Californian in me that requires I live somewhat near the water or at least feel as though I do. To me it represents a sense of ease and simplicity that are calming. Plus, if you didn’t know it by now I am addicted to the sea hues of blue, green and gray. So were I to own a beach house or simply bring in elements of the coast to our next home, here’s what I’m loving:

Crisp, white architectural details
Natural, rustic wood elements
Vintage elements in cozy settings
Open concept living
Bright white with cool blues and grays






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I was pretty shocked to find that out of 13 In da House posts, I have yet to cover the bedroom. For those of you new to this series, it’s all about sorting through my favorite interior spaces in order to inspire the fixer upper we intend to get at somepoint in the (near, I hope!) future.

The bedroom is meant to be an intimate retreat, often where you can amp up plush textures and splurge on things that will help refresh and recharge you. These collected photos have many a shared features — ahem, tufted headboards anyone? — so it’s not tough to see which features for which I am longing.

Tufted upholstered headboards
Muted neutrals: gray, tan, blue, white, brown
Plush, layered beds
Limited statement pieces: lighting, rugs, bold patterns
Benches at the end of the bed
Clean, contemporary lines with glam touches





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