Denim outfit floral crop top 5a

Ever since I snagged this Topshop crop top, I have been dying to wear it layered with a chambray shirt. The idea seemed crazy and even after trying it out I nearly scrapped the look altogether. But where’s the fun in fashion if you only play it safe? I’ve been really inspired by the ’90s resurgence and thought that this just might be a layered look worn by Cher from Clueless. You know, if she wore jeans.

Now I’m on the lookout for more ’90s-inspired styles. Any ones you’re loving lately?

Denim outfit floral crop top 3a

Denim outfit floral crop top 4a

Denim outfit floral crop top 2a

Denim outfit floral crop top 1a


distressed denim 1

It’s happening. Trends that I’ve already lived through and dismissed are experiencing a resurgence. This time I find myself loving distressed denim. What was so wrong about rips and tears? Nothing, when they’re in just the perfect places.

Take these jeans for example. I went a hog wild at the words “ASOS Sale” and “Free 2-Day Shipping” and wound up with four pairs of distressed denim to try. As it turns out, there is something to be said for just the right amount of distress. This pair, though, was love at first try-on. So comfy, so cool. They’re not super “distressed” looking, just one busted out knee that’s not all that obnoxious, right? Especially when paired with the best heels ever. Also, can I just say that this is also my first pair of lighter wash jeans in ages? I’m in love and if you know me, don’t be surprised if you see me in these everyday. Seriously.

distressed denim 2a

distressed denim 3
distressed denim 4

Get the look:



Jacket: J Crew Factory | Shirt: Express | Necklace: J Crew Factory (similar)
Jeans: Gap | Flats: Target (similar)

Hope you all had a fun Memorial Day weekend. It was a pretty casual weekend filled with errands, cleaning and hosting a healthy dinner with my parents. (Side note: I can’t believe I’m almost done with the Summer Shred! More on that later this week.) I think that it’s kinda funny that I hardly ever wear jeans these days, yet I have a bunch of casual looks on the blog.

And I’ve almost got my camera/lighting situation figured out. Thanks for your patience in admiring my perfectly in-focus art and my perfectly out-of-focus self. There may be an important life lesson there, but who can be sure?

Bed Head Review

On Saturday I decided to Bed Head’s On the Rebound “one scrunch curl recall cream.” They were nice enough to send me a sample, along with some shampoo and conditioner samples, in exchange for my honest opinion. You may not know, but I have naturally curly/wavy hair. I also color my hair and it’s fairly thin, so it’s hard to find the balance of products to not weigh it down or leave it looking frazzled and frizzy. I was hoping for something that would be easy to use and help bring my natural curls alive.

I used the product twice, the first time I was not happy with the result. I applied it to damp hair and combed it through with my fingers before scrunching and air drying. Parts of my hair seemed to be “defined” by the product, but it was that straw-like feeling like it wasn’t distributed evenly. It also had some odd kinks that was likely the result of scrunching and not twirling the hair to help give it a natural ring instead of zig zag look — wavy/curly haired girls know what I mean.

The second time, I decided to try to blow dry and style according to their video instructions. It definitely gave more volume – as you can tell in the above photo – but it didn’t really give the curl definition I had wanted. So I touched up with the curling iron. My hair definitely felt fuller and curlier, not straw like or frizzy, and light finger combing afterwards helped it look more natural.

Overall, the Bed Head On the Rebound cream is good, but not great. It’s probably for someone with curlier hair and who still plan to use their blowdryer and curling iron (or wand).