Kitchens are undoubtedly my favorite room in the house. Sure living rooms are comfy and bedrooms are plush, but there’s just so much fun going on in the kitchen. I drool over countertops (quartz and carrera marble please!) and size up the floors. What pulls and faucets finish off the look? How did they integrate the appliances? I mean, if you’re without a personal chef, you might as well cook in style!

In my first look at inspiring kitchens, and later kitchen details, you’ll see that I was attracted to light and airy spaces, pops of color and subway tile. Not much has changed, but these spaces seem particularly elevated. The rug above and the light fixtures below, for example, really add a polished look to the space. You’ll find strategic use of bright colors are balanced with open shelving with plenty of natural light. These elements, my friends, are what dream kitchens are all about.

Now who’s cooking? I’ll pop open the wine! ;)


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Welcome back, everyone! I’m so excited to see what you have all been working on. This is definitely my favorite Pinterest Challenge project yet. As a reminder for those not familiar with the challenge, it was the brainchild of Katie of Bower Power Blog who came together with Sherry of Young House Love to encourage all of us to make our projects collected on Pinterest into a reality. This time they graciously invited me to join them in cohosting along with Renee of Red Bird Blue. (Cue the “zomg blog famous people know who I am” freakout!)


For those of you who joined in and have a project to share, I’d love for you to link up below. But first, I’ll share my project. It was a tough one to decide on. Ultimately it came down to reupholstering my parsons dining room chairs. At first I wanted to reupholster an old armchair we have, but I figured I might as well start with something a little more basic since it’s my first time reupholstering anything. So my inspiration came from these: yellow chair and gray chairs.


I won’t waste your time rehashing a tutorial – check out from For the Love of Vintage Furniture. I followed this almost exactly. As for what was different, I took my chairs apart: the front legs, the seat and the back were separate pieces. I did this partly because I didn’t take the old fabric off. Shocking, I know, but it seemed thin enough and not worth the hassle spending all that time taking it and a bazillion staples off.

All in all, I’d describe it as an easy and fairly quick project. There was no sewing involved (you could blind stitch the pleats in the front corners and top of the back, but I decided not to). It’s tough to give a per-chair time estimate since I was flying solo this past weekend and dilly-dally DIY’d while watching old movies. The first chair took longer as I was trying to avoid mistakes and the second one was much faster since I was a pro at this point. ;) If I were to guess, a focused newbie could probably get a chair done well within an hour. Just remember to measure twice and cut once!


Ta-da! I’m really excited about the chairs. I ended up finding the fabric for $10/yard at Joanns. I purchased that, the nailhead trim and some cardboard trim to help get cleaner lines on the back. I already had the staple gun and staples. Plus… I also upgraded our curtains and snagged these from the Threshold line from Target everyone is talking about. They’re so much better than the cheapy red sheer ones that were there before.


The chairs will typically be in the kitchen. We just move the chairs into the dining room when we have company and are in need of the extra chairs. And the kitchen table, a beauty from West Elm from a few years back, often serves as the buffet for parties.   pinterest-challenge-reupholstered-parsons-chairs-kitchen


Thank you so much for joining us in this Pinterest Challenge! I can’t wait to get to know you all through your finished projects. Please share them below. Quick hint: when the link program asks for your name, give it the name of your link. It’s the text that will appear before the thumbnail.

And don’t forget to stay in touch!
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electrolux suite design kitchen

I’ve twice posted about my favorite kitchens (here and here) in this In Da House series, where I share my interior inspirations in order to plan out the design of our next home. As I dream about the perfect kitchen, I know functionality is as important as the design itself. I dream about sleek and stylish appliances and layout as much as I do the finishing touches like countertops and cabinet pulls.

When Electrolux asked me to elaborate on my dream kitchen from their “Suite Design” spaces, I was up for the challenge to start envisioning how my space might come to life based on some of their inspirations. The key to “Suite Design” is to select pieces – from appliances to decorative touches – that complement each other. In the inspiration image above, you can see how everything from the induction cooktop stove to the french door refrigerator create a cohesive space along with the pulls and clean lines of decor. Imagine the great food and fun memories that could be made in a dream kitchen like this…


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I hope you are all refreshed and renewed from a wonderful weekend — I had a great weekend and am slowly getting back in the groove this Monday morning. It’s been a while since our last installment of In Da House — the series where I sift through my collection of inspirational interiors to act as a guide in decorating our future home. As a general update on that… We were hoping to start house hunting in May, but as prices have significantly jumped in the last few months due to bidding wars and low inventory, we’ll just take our time and try not to rush anything. Easier said than done!

I know we already had an In Da House featuring some amazing kitchens, but today we’re looking at unique details that can take a beautiful kitchen to the next level. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Eat-in banquette
Leaded glass cabinet doors
Modern glass chandeliers
Grasscloth wallpaper
Mirrored backsplash tiles
Herringbone slate tile






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