on the run 3

Sometimes, you have to dance like everyone is watching. Life is too short and the music is too good. You can’t help but shake your groove thang and it would be wrong not to. My song of choice? Beyonce’s Diva. We went to see Bey and Jay in concert and it was one of those soul-connecting experiences with my girls. My people. Ladies, as it turns out, is pimps, too.

Some of these recent days, I just wasn’t feeling it. Some days going through the standard wake-work-sleep-repeat was exhausting. But it’s getting better and each day I’m feeling like I’m getting back to my normal, spunky self. On this particular day, slipping my headphones on and tuning out caused the beat to fuse into my chest and pump some life into me. Big Em’s making a comeback.

And yes, I wore printed leggings (via @_simonett on Poshmark), sneakers and a straight-up thug mug to work. Be jealous. Midi rings from Poshmark, and pave X ring is a blogger collab: Stripes and Sequins + Bauble Bar. Fun!

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What? A playlist on Tuesday? Yes, because you should be moving and grooving throughout the week. This set of tunes is inspired by my recent foray into legitimate working out. I had always avoided exercising indoors on machines, but this is different. There are lights, fun instructors and some dope beats, y’all. It’s to the point that I now sometimes feel the need to “dance” in a cyclical motion to songs, as if I were in spin class.  So, spin with me, friends!


tove lo

Three things for you to ponder on this glorious playlist Friday:

  1. Obsessed. With. Tove. Lo. And you should be too. I’ve sprinkled three – yes three! – of her tracks in this week’s playlist. Yet again, it’s full of some amazing female-centric tunes. Not sure if that’s necessarily on purpose, but like Queen B sings, we run this motha’. And yeah, you may be tired of hearing all us ladies singing about how fancy we be. Too bad, so sad. I channel Iggy all day, errday.
  2. Online personas. For those of you with them, how do you feel about the digital projection? I’ve been told that mine (specifically on Instagram) doesn’t really reflect my personality. Hmm. Perhaps I’m trying to keep my quirkiness on the down low? Maybe it’s time for SMP 2.o.
  3. I need a baby goat, please. I will name her Gertie and teach her Taylor Swift songs and life will be great.


city scape

Ever feel like your life is like a snow globe? Suddenly your world is shaken and you’re all over the place. When you’re thisclose to surrendering to the upheaval, the height of chaos reveals the glitter’s beautiful descent. Catching the light, it’s a transfixing journey back to normalcy.

Thus is my life these days – the glittering descent – and it has inspired this latest playlist. It’s also brought to you by the above gorgeous city, which over the last few weeks has become my gorgeous city. Mine all mine. Smooches, San Francisco, you’re the best.