salt & pepper shakers | bunting | metallic print napkins | gold mercury glass vases
white plate | woodgrain plate | rose gold serving spoons | gold fox shaker | squirrel nutcracker | bar cart

 Excitement has yet to be overpowered by nervousness when it comes to hosting Thanksgiving brunch this year. I’m planning on mixing in some sparkle and shine to the day and it’s all about the details. I’m planning on rounding up some of my mercury glass and shiny decor and balance it with some more rustic elements. I plan to cover the table in craft paper and give my nephews some crayons – which I’m sure the adults will enjoy too. :)

The above board has my vision of the day, with most items coming from Target and West Elm. Those are two of my favorite places to pick up great decor and entertaining necessities that will look great during the holiday and long after. And what is more fall-centric than animal themed housewares?  (As an aside, I’m hoping you all get my C+C Music Factory reference with that squirrel nutcracker. Cue to 2:18 on this vid and be taken back to the greatest lyrics. of. all. time. Not an exaggeration. And, as a bonus random factoid: yours truly rocked the fifth grade talent show dancing to that. Knee pads and all.)

But seriously, besides having your loved ones around the table, what can make a better holiday than glittery letters, rose gold serveware and faux bois plates?






There’s nothing quite like a costume party, and this Roaring ’20s / Prohibition party was no exception. My friends Sandy and Megan — who happen to look very similar and share the exact same birthday, wink wink — hosted the evening. Now, one thing you should know is that I’ve been friends with these girls since kindergarten. We grew up around the corner from each other and would walk to school together, have sleepovers and all that good childhood stuff. I am so blessed to have friends since way back when — let’s just not calculate how far back that is…

Jillian and I got ready together — she even let me wear her vintage dress! — and we made our headbands right before we headed over. (Tutorial below.) The key to dressing in ’20s garb? Headbands, sheath/drop waist dresses, long necklaces, curls, statement jewelry and a sassy disposition. ;) I also thought it would be cute to dress as a gangster with a suit and hat. For makeup, I kept it fairly simple with a smokey eye, matte foundation and dark lipstick.

Need some more style inspiration? Check out my ’20s party Pinterest board of ideas!

For those of you wanting to host a Roaring ’20s party, you should definitely consider a password for your speakeasy, photobooth with antique pieces and fun props, signature cocktails, and period music.

Now onto the tutorial portion of our program… :)

20s headband pieces

Items you need to make two headbands

+ Lace and decorative trim – sold by the yard, about 1-1.5 yards of each
+ Feathers – I used one pack of peacock feathers (two each) and thin, wispy black feathers
+ Black felt
+ Decorative statement pieces – found in the jewelry / headband section of Joann’s
+ Hot glue gun
+ Needle and thread
+ Scissors
+ Newspaper or cardboard

Start by laying out your newspaper or cardboard to protect your surface from hot glue. Heat up the glue gun and be careful not to burn yourself – like I always manage to do…

Cut a small piece of black felt slightly smaller than the statement piece. Place out the feathers on top of the felt — no need to use a ton, I used two peacock feathers and about five of the thin black feathers — and once you have a placement you like, glue them to the felt. Once the glue has dried, add more glue to the top to secure the feathers. Then glue all around the black felt and attach it to the statement piece.


Next, cut a strip of black felt that is wide enough to cover your decorative trim that’s acting as the headband. Glue it in place on the back of the other felt piece. Once dry, take a needle and thread and reinforce the felt/feathers/decorative trim and tab to the statement piece. Since my statement piece was wide, I also sewed parts of the decorative trim directly to the statement piece.

Then tie the decorative trim around your head and trim the excess. I liked to have the headband go around the forehead, but it could also act as a normal headband if you’d like. I curled my hair and pinned it into a faux bob to complete the look.

the headband that Jillian made was fairly simple. She attached the rose statement piece to a fabric pouf (found in the headband section) with glue and a needle and thread. She then rouched the middle portion of the black lace trim and attached the pouf to it with a needle and thread. Then she simply tied it around her head and trimmed the extra just slightly, so that the tails hung down.



Have you been to any costume parties recently? I think I’m going to need to throw one, but what kind of theme to have? Suggestions are welcomed!



Tuxedo  | Pink Giraffe (looks more like leopard to me, but whatever…)
Pink StripesPink Striped Sock Monkey | Buffalo Check

I’ve seen a lot of great blogs post gorgeous images of sequined dresses, gold nail polish and the like. So I thought I’d pop in with an alternative idea: PJ Party! And what better way to look fly at a PJ party than with footed pajamas? You see, my grand idea for New Year’s Eve was a Nora-Ephron-A-Thon for the ladies (When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle and You’ve Got Mail) and a poker night for the guys. It took me a while to get the ball rolling, so this may have to wait for another time. It at least gives me time to figure out which pair to get!

So tell me, anyone else have casual plans for NYE? Anyone else eying a pair of footie pajamas?


dress | belt | clutch | bracelet | heels

I had heard of Rent the Runway before, but had always thought that renting a dress seemed odd. Why not just buy a dress so you can own it? I scoured the stores for a cute dress in my price range for my work Christmas party — nothing. Just browsing the dresses on Rent the Runway I realized that there were a ton of gorgeous dresses, many for $50-$75 as well as some stunners for $125.

I ended up renting the dress and cuff in the collage. I ordered it about a month in advance, and it came right on time. The dress was true to the photos and clean, like no one had ever worn it before. It was a little short, but I’m still in my 20s, so why not live a little? ;) The whole process was easy — plus I found a coupon code online that helped save me a few bucks. At the party I got a bunch of compliments and wearing it helped it seem like a special night. The service is what really sets Rent the Runway apart. They include a free backup size dress, free return shipping, a photo gallery of people in your height and size that have worn the dresses before, a “poll your friends” feature, and great customer service. Be sure to read the reviews and see the “our runway” photos, it can help you decide between dresses.

I would highly recommend Rent the Runway, and would plan to use it again for next year’s party, for a wedding … whatever events come up. If you haven’t signed up already, consider using my referral link — we will both get $20 credits upon your first order. :)

I was not paid or perked to post about this, it was just my own fabulous experience.