oh snap 091313 2

L | The view from a private Napa estate we stated at over the weekend. Still need to edit those “real” pictures!
R | While my car is in the shop, I’m cruising in the old family Benz with my new Starbucks tumbler!

It’s been a while since my last Oh Snap – not that I haven’t been snapping away pics on Instagram! – so not only do I have some recent photo updates, but a playlist for your Friday afternoon. Hope it helps you groove into the weekend!

oh snap 091313
L | Love this ad from Banana Republic: Life’s short. Wear a mini. :)
R | Some fancy knuckle rings from the cutest shop in Orange: Coco Rose Boutique!

In case you have a hard time listening to the player, here’s the list of tracks. Enjoy!

  • + Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds
  • + Doses and Mimosas by Cherub
  • + Let it Go by Dragonette
  • + The Mother We Share by CHVRCHES
  • + Hurting (Benoit & Sergio Remix) by Friendly Fires
  • + Skinny Love by Birdy
  • + Burn by Ellie Goulding
  • + Starlight by Muse
  • + Jungle by Emma Louise
  • + Girl Like Me by Ladyhawke
  • + Atlas Eyes by Emma Louise
  • + Nuclear Seasons by Charli XCX



L | Had to gush over my hot date from the other night. :)
R | A printed skirt from Fossil – don’t you just love that store?

For a short week, it certainly felt long. Yet, the long weekend previously was quite nice. In general, this month has both flown and dragged along. Today is a pretty big day: it’s the last day of the Summer Shred. I will get to a recap one of these days, but overall I’m really glad I participated. It taught me a lot about how I look at food and exercise and much of what I’ve learned will likely be a part of an overall lifestyle change. While I may not be able to give up bread, ice cream and the occasional cheese puff completely, I feel like I have a better understanding of what is actually considered moderation. It also helps to have an encouraging group of people helping you get your lazy rear in gear, amiright?

Tomorrow I’ll be raising a guilt-free glass of wine and maybe even sneak in an obligatory donut for an early morning garage sale. Cheers to the weekend!


L | A tree-covered bend of the trail is my favorite part of my (now fairly regular) runs.
R | I finally got my rose gold watch (only $20!) resized and am loving it!


L | Coffee date with Jillian after a hike on a gorgeous Saturday.
R| A quick errand to wine country, don’t mind if I do…






I’m interrupting the blog silence with some quick pics from this morning’s excursion. My parents and I had the day off from work and decided to head over to San Francisco for some breaky (pronounced breck-y a.k.a. breakfast) and some casual cruisin. It was great to be together with no agenda and no deadline, exploring the city close to home and our hearts. Starting at the embarcadero, we drove up to Fort Point at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, down Lombard Street and around Treasure Island before heading home again. It’s fun to play tourist every once in a while, especially on such a beautiful day.

As a side note, you may have gotten to know my friend Jillian through my blog posts. We’ve known each other since middle school and she is very dear to me. The last week or so has been particularly tough for her, as she bravely shared on her blog. If you have a chance, please stop by and show her some love and support. I know it would mean a lot to her. (P.S. Aren’t blogging friends the best? They always know how to lift a girl’s spirits on down days. Love you guys!)

Back to enjoying my freedom in the sun. Happy (Good) Friday, everyone!



L | Brunch at Chambers Eat + Drink, a fun watering (and fooding?) hole.
R | Chambers is part of the “rock ‘n’ roll hotel” called the Phoenix. Not too shabby for the Tenderloin.

Finally the fog of sickness has fully passed and I’m back into normal mode. Well, if normal is working a lot and being too tired to keep a legit blog schedule. I’m working on it and it’s one of my goals for the “new year.” Can I still call it that in February? Let’s say yes. Now that we have that settled, I hope your weekend is off to an amazing start. Who is brunching and where?¬†We have a day of wine tasting with friends. Should be fun!


L | I had planned a big reveal post, but I’m not sure this is how I wanted my bangs…
R | Fun was had, Nacho Cheese Doritos were eaten and I channeled Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez, but unfortunately
it didn’t lead to our team’s victory. Whomp whomp.


L | It’s almost Valentine’s Day! I’ve never been especially excited about it. But ever since last year when I had an awesome date planned and my cute little nephew was born. Can’t believe the little guy will be a year old!
R | Speaking of cute little guys, meet Duke! If you can’t tell, he’s a tiny little¬†weimaraner puppy that belongs to my aunt and uncle. Like my pal Ashley says, “why don’t you just get a dog already?” Tempting, Ashley, tempting!