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When your phone operates as a gateway to shopping, you never know when you’ll find yourself snagging an impulse deal. This time it was an AG Jeans skirt, barely worn, for only $17. (If your eyeballs are still intact, let me help you: These skirts typically retail around $160-$180.) The location in which I snagged this deal? Waiting for my dinner date to come back from the bathroom. Nature called them, and an amazing deal called me.

I don’t just work for Poshmark, I am an avid addict as well.

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all the layers 2a

It’s a weekday morning…

The alarm goes off … for the fifth time, but who’s counting? Our heroine begrudgingly gets out of bed. She contemplates starting a trend of sleepy chic, centered around bedhead, sweats and blanket-style accessories. Instead, she opens the closet and sees floral, leather, stripes and jewel tones. It’s too early to choose one, so she wears them all. Smiling in surprise, our heroine discovers that this crazy lack of early morning decision making might actually work out for the best. She feels especially accomplished for completing the most challenging task of dressing oneself and struts out the door. Next on the agenda? World peace. But first, coffee.

Now that is what I call outfit success.

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big city big scarf 2_small

I like big scarves and I cannot lie! Seriously, the blanket scarf bug has hit PMHQ – a.k.a. Poshmark‘s office – and I’ve been living in this nice cozy cocoon ever since. It’s somewhat like the fashionable answer to a Snuggie. I particularly liked the pop of yellow-green with this one, from Zara, since lately I’m wearing a lot of grays and neutrals.

big city big scarf 1_small

121814_style challenge_blanket scarves

Today I’m teaming up with my fellow Poshmark bloggers to share how we wear our favorite new trend. Head to their blogs to link up and show us how you wear it!


5a Emily-Atwood-West-Sparkle-Meets-Pop-Fashion-Blogger-0299
Oh hey, the faux leather shorts are back! That must mean that San Francisco summer has procrastinated into the fall months again. These shorts and this J. Crew popover plaid shirt have seen a lot of blog time, and for good reason: I love them! As much as I’m all about creating a revolving closet with Poshmark, some things you just want to smother every last wear out of them. That’s what I also plan to do with these boots, purchased on – you guessed it! – Poshmark.

Have I mentioned that much of my job involves finding the best items on the site – a.k.a. shopping? The struggle is real, my friends.

Something else great about my place of employment? We get visitors like the oh-so-talented, friendly and knowledgeable Ryan Chua. I feel like I should get a badge of honor to be counted as one of the bloggers to pose in front of his lens. He’s legit, so it almost makes me legit by association. Almost.

Believe me, you’re going to want to check out more of his work at his site, Ryan by Ryan Chua.

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