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It’s been a while since I shared some of my latest IG snaps with you. Having escaped to Monterey to celebrate my girl being the hottest bride ever, I enjoyed a trek to Carmel to shop and sip, a meal at the highly recommended Restaurant 1833, and a run along the gorgeous California coast. My home state love story grew deeper, proving that I will always be a California girl – Beach Boys version, not Katy’s.

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It’s pretty shocking that I have yet to share one of my favorite SF hangouts with you. My love for wine – on the personal and professional level – is pretty well documented in this digital space. This is a wine mecca tucked underneath the bustling streets of San Francisco. I’m always finding reasons to go back: to work my way through the wine list, to meet some girlfriends to gab and groove to the upbeat lounge tunes, to feel the stress melt off my shoulders while thinking “this is what heaven must be like.”

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So if your idea of heaven includes snacking on some cheese and charcuterie while sipping a flight of unique wines, definitely give it a try. There’s a reason that it’s my go-to spot for a chill girl’s night. The music and the ambient underground glow keep the good vibes going without overpowering conversations. For smaller groups, you’re usually able to find a spot at the bar and a seating area if you’re in luck. They do take reservations, too, if you’re wanting to secure a spot.

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The Press Club, 20 Yerba Buena Lane, San Francisco
Wine and cheese, swanky vibe, wide open basement space
Be prepared for wine list indecision paralysis, but with knowledgeable staff there’s no bad choice

Photos courtesy PressClubSF.com



Last week was a busy one, but a fun one, too! It included a work trip to LA where I stopped to grab some lunch at the poolside patio at The Viceroy in Santa Monica. After all, why stop just anywhere for lunch when you could enjoy luxe ambiance by the beach with a Veuve Cliquot lounge, complete with branded fooseball table? Might I recommend the Sauvignon Blanc with the Thai shrimp salad.

Be sure to walk around and check out the amazing design of the lobby, restaurant and even the restroom! It was begging me to take a bathroom selfie. That emerald tile? Swoon.


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I don’t want to disappoint anyone, but I didn’t find any of the namesakes at last Saturday’s brunch spot: Craftsman and Wolves. Although, perhaps it’s a good thing that I don’t run into wolves all that often. (Ever.) Over the weekend a friend and I headed to this contemporary patisserie in The Mission. We were driven there after seeing it on Sosh, which is a social bookmarking site that tells you where to go and what to do in San Francisco as well as New York.

Once you step in the place – keep your eyes peeled for the sign outside, by the way, because it’s small and hidden by trees – you’ll find it to be contemporary indeed. It’s got the industrial but charming vibe, with little pastries artfully stacked on chunks of wood that rest on a slab of metal (or was it concrete?). We arrived at around 10:30 a.m. or so and the line wasn’t too bad. The front case was well stocked with muffins and cakes, but they were still putting out more goodies in the enclosed cases on the side, which surprised me. Those selections were certainly more fancy, although I didn’t get a great look, but perhaps they weren’t breakfast/brunch selections.


Anyway, we were here for the food. Not just any food, but The Rebel Within. It’s a savory muffin with asiago, sausage and green onion that houses a soft cooked egg. Be sure to move any other pastries to another plate as that yolk is nice and runny. My only complaint? It was weird to eat it cold. Not sure if you could ask for it to be nuked, but that may keep the yolk from being as runny as desired. We also ordered a couple pastries – because why not? – and were pleased with our choices of an almond raspberry croissant drop and a toasted hazelnut financier.


I’d go back, but I will say that I want to explore more brunch spots before I dare select a favorite.

Craftsman & Wolves746 Valencia Street (at 18th Street), The Mission, San Francisco
Pastries and brunch, also serving meals and wine after 11 a.m.
Street parking, small sign, lines likely, accepts credit cards.