stripes and sneaks 1a

A San Franciscan in her natural habitat:

  • + Technically, she’s in Menlo Park because you ain’t cool unless you commute with the techies
  • + Attached to gold iPhone 6 at all times, but it’s for work so don’t hate
  • + Chambray all dang day #bayarealayers (microclimates if you’re nasty)
  • + Totally canvas tote-ing everything around because preparedness meets pedestrian mobility
  • + Sneakers to go with pencil skirts because of previously stated mobility and hills
  • + Smiles because she’s living the dream
  • + Collar tucked in because … whoops? Too busy living the dream to notice/care #totallyonpurpose

stripes and sneaks 4a stripes and sneaks 3a stripes and sneaks 2a

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distressed denim 1

It’s happening. Trends that I’ve already lived through and dismissed are experiencing a resurgence. This time I find myself loving distressed denim. What was so wrong about rips and tears? Nothing, when they’re in just the perfect places.

Take these jeans for example. I went a hog wild at the words “ASOS Sale” and “Free 2-Day Shipping” and wound up with four pairs of distressed denim to try. As it turns out, there is something to be said for just the right amount of distress. This pair, though, was love at first try-on. So comfy, so cool. They’re not super “distressed” looking, just one busted out knee that’s not all that obnoxious, right? Especially when paired with the best heels ever. Also, can I just say that this is also my first pair of lighter wash jeans in ages? I’m in love and if you know me, don’t be surprised if you see me in these everyday. Seriously.

distressed denim 2a

distressed denim 3
distressed denim 4

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city scape

Ever feel like your life is like a snow globe? Suddenly your world is shaken and you’re all over the place. When you’re thisclose to surrendering to the upheaval, the height of chaos reveals the glitter’s beautiful descent. Catching the light, it’s a transfixing journey back to normalcy.

Thus is my life these days – the glittering descent – and it has inspired this latest playlist. It’s also brought to you by the above gorgeous city, which over the last few weeks has become my gorgeous city. Mine all mine. Smooches, San Francisco, you’re the best.



Brunch: A Love Story. That might as well be the title to my memoir. Only available in audiobook format, because it’s the best format that ever was, it would open with a rousing, tasty rendition of Madonna’s “Holiday” except it would be about the celebration of hollandaise. I’ve mentioned that little habit of mine when I make a mean eggs Benny, but it’s a truly magical sauce that is deserving of its own song.

This favorite meal of mine is made even more special when shared with some of my favorites, especially when those favorites happen to also digitally document their lives and style. This time the gang – comprised of Lauren, Jennifer, Lauralai and Brandy – did the grub n’ gab at Serpentine in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood.

As for the outfit, you’ll see traces of my J. Crew sale addiction as well as ballet flats. The latter may not be so revolutionary for most, but it is for this habitual heel-wearer. Now that I am traversing hilly city streets more often, let’s see how long that old habit will last.



plaid-brunch3  plaid-brunch5

 Photos by Jennifer of Just Add Glam.