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Clap along if you feel preppy, too. Clap along if you, too, have a J. Crew addiction.

I remember hearing someone say they try to never wear the same outfit twice. I thought that to be silly, and still slightly do, yet this outfit is proof that there are endless combinations in your closet. Sometimes you just need a little imagination – and heck, a little time crunch to push yourself out the door – in order to make the most of our wardrobe combinations.

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stripes and sneaks 1a

A San Franciscan in her natural habitat:

  • + Technically, she’s in Menlo Park because you ain’t cool unless you commute with the techies
  • + Attached to gold iPhone 6 at all times, but it’s for work so don’t hate
  • + Chambray all dang day #bayarealayers (microclimates if you’re nasty)
  • + Totally canvas tote-ing everything around because preparedness meets pedestrian mobility
  • + Sneakers to go with pencil skirts because of previously stated mobility and hills
  • + Smiles because she’s living the dream
  • + Collar tucked in because … whoops? Too busy living the dream to notice/care #totallyonpurpose

stripes and sneaks 4a stripes and sneaks 3a stripes and sneaks 2a

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this is 30 2_small

I didn’t put together a 30 Before 30 List even though it is practically some blogger right of passage. My take on this popular concept? It’s just a way to lessen the blow of removing the word “twentysomething” from your social media bios. The challenge of entering our 30s is to find a new way to describe our fun-loving, semi-responsible selves.

Instead, I find myself glad to drop that descriptor since this “new me” is decidedly not ambiguous as it would suggest. I’m even more comfortable challenging the notions that don’t quite seem right and putting my signature sassy spin on common convention. That is why, upon turning 30, I donned a short skirt and zebra print. Age ain’t nothing but a number and youth is fleeting. But sass? It’s forever.

this is 30 3_small

this is 30 4_small
this is 30 1_small

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One of my favorite ways to ease on into the cooler temps is to pair sweaters and skirts. It’s a fun combo, especially when you play with contrasts of colors, textures and styles. Keep the look interesting by tucking in a cardigan or switching out your standby knee-high boots for some funky booties. Throwing a sweater over a dress can count too!

sweaters-skirts-2 sweaters-skirts-3 sweaters-skirts-4 sweaters-skirts-5 sweaters-skirts-6

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