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What? A playlist on Tuesday? Yes, because you should be moving and grooving throughout the week. This set of tunes is inspired by my recent foray into legitimate working out. I had always avoided exercising indoors on machines, but this is different. There are lights, fun instructors and some dope beats, y’all. It’s to the point that I now sometimes feel the need to “dance” in a cyclical motion to songs, as if I were in spin class.  So, spin with me, friends!


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harem pants 1a

Ladies and gents, I’m excited to participate in the unofficial #PMHQ blogger style challenge and blogger link-up! This time the bloggin’ ladies of Poshmark are showing how we wear black and white. Have a look to share along with us? I’d love to see it and I know everyone else would, too! Link-up with the fancy widget at the bottom of the post.

As for my look, I’m still feeling adventurous, so yes, I did get all harem pants up in here! Not your typical style of pant, I wanted to show that with the right styling and the right attitude, you can pull off looks you didn’t think were possible.

The only disappointment? I thought by donning harem pants, I would have lots of dudes fanning me with palm leaves and feeding me grapes. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. Or at least not yet. Any hot guys wanting to apply, go ahead and click that little contact link and I’ll have my assistant peruse your application. (Hint: If you trade grapes for cheese puffs, you’re a shoe-in.)

Get the look!

harem pants 2a harem pants 3a harem pants 4a


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distressed denim 1

It’s happening. Trends that I’ve already lived through and dismissed are experiencing a resurgence. This time I find myself loving distressed denim. What was so wrong about rips and tears? Nothing, when they’re in just the perfect places.

Take these jeans for example. I went a hog wild at the words “ASOS Sale” and “Free 2-Day Shipping” and wound up with four pairs of distressed denim to try. As it turns out, there is something to be said for just the right amount of distress. This pair, though, was love at first try-on. So comfy, so cool. They’re not super “distressed” looking, just one busted out knee that’s not all that obnoxious, right? Especially when paired with the best heels ever. Also, can I just say that this is also my first pair of lighter wash jeans in ages? I’m in love and if you know me, don’t be surprised if you see me in these everyday. Seriously.

distressed denim 2a

distressed denim 3
distressed denim 4

Get the look:


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Burts Bees SMP 1

What, an NBA super stud isn’t part of your beauty routine?

There’s nothing like being one with nature. I’ve recently enjoyed going on urban hikes that have me at San Francisco’s most gorgeous vantage points, soaking up the sun, skies and sparkling ocean.

burts bees SMP 2

This oneness with nature has also trickled into my beauty routine. I’ve tried to swap out chemical-laden products with those with more natural ingredients, especially when it comes to skin care. Having been thoroughly impressed with their acne spot treatment, I was happy to sample their Brightening Dark Spot Corrector with Daisy Extract. The daisy extract infusion helps to even skin tone and diminish the appearance of dark spots. Plus, they say that 80% of women noticed its effectiveness after eight weeks of use.

Now, I’ve been using it most nights and mornings for nearly two weeks. The only roadblock to use is that it should go on after cleansing, but before moisturizer, which is just second nature to me. Besides needing to break my habit, it smells great (almost citrusy sweet, not floral as you might expect), isn’t overly drying, and has a nice, non-tacky serum consistency. Having used another natural brightener, I can say the overall experience is much improved with Burt’s Bees and I would prefer to use this than the one that cost two times as much.

Now I can’t say that I have noticed a huge difference, but I’m only two weeks in and I’m not the most observant in this area. But I am hopeful and I feel it fits within my routine easy enough to keep using. And, in case you were wondering, the line also includes a moisturizing cream, eye treatment, facial cleanser and refining tonic.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Burt’s Bees via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.

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