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simple simple 3_small

Some days, when you’re busy taking over the world, you just have to keep it simple. And a pop of leopard and pink lipstick never hurts.

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layers on layers 4_small

This skirt had me debating in the dressing room. It was fun and different, but was it me? Could I pull off a flared neoprene skirt? The constant decisions and second guessing are what keep me from loving shopping. I really shouldn’t doubt myself, though, because I L-O-V-E this skirt. I wore it to kick off the 10 Days of Fall #PoshStyle Instagram Challenge. (Are you joining in the fun? You could win big!) While it may not exactly feel like summer has left the building, it does make me excited for a new season of style. Excited enough that you may just find me shopping (and quieting my inner doubt) again sometime soon.

layers on layers 3_small layers on layers 2_small layers on layers 1_small

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this is 30 2_small

I didn’t put together a 30 Before 30 List even though it is practically some blogger right of passage. My take on this popular concept? It’s just a way to lessen the blow of removing the word “twentysomething” from your social media bios. The challenge of entering our 30s is to find a new way to describe our fun-loving, semi-responsible selves.

Instead, I find myself glad to drop that descriptor since this “new me” is decidedly not ambiguous as it would suggest. I’m even more comfortable challenging the notions that don’t quite seem right and putting my signature sassy spin on common convention. That is why, upon turning 30, I donned a short skirt and zebra print. Age ain’t nothing but a number and youth is fleeting. But sass? It’s forever.

this is 30 3_small

this is 30 4_small
this is 30 1_small

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wine country cool 3

There’s nothing like California wine country. Up and down the state we get to taste some of the best wine the world has to offer, each region offering its own distinct signature style. The rows of vines among estates big and small make me feel at home. I’m a California girl, through and through. Hit the road and you never know where it might lead. Sure, your skirt might get wrinkles from time spent on the road, but I’m not one to let fashion faux pas get in the way of a good time – or a good photoshoot opportunity.

wine country cool 6 wine country cool 5 wine country cool 4

wine country cool 7   wine country cool 2 wine country cool 1

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