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Brunch: A Love Story. That might as well be the title to my memoir. Only available in audiobook format, because it’s the best format that ever was, it would open with a rousing, tasty rendition of Madonna’s “Holiday” except it would be about the celebration of hollandaise. I’ve mentioned that little habit of mine when I make a mean eggs Benny, but it’s a truly magical sauce that is deserving of its own song.

This favorite meal of mine is made even more special when shared with some of my favorites, especially when those favorites happen to also digitally document their lives and style. This time the gang – comprised of Lauren, Jennifer, Lauralai and Brandy – did the grub n’ gab at Serpentine in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood.

As for the outfit, you’ll see traces of my J. Crew sale addiction as well as ballet flats. The latter may not be so revolutionary for most, but it is for this habitual heel-wearer. Now that I am traversing hilly city streets more often, let’s see how long that old habit will last.



plaid-brunch3   plaid-brunch5

 Photos by Jennifer of Just Add Glam.


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It’s time to take back those dresses. Yes, those ones that convince you they are only right for a certain time or occasion. Nay, I say!  Grab those dresses, toss a cardi and belt on and you’ve got yourself a cross-seasonal outfit. Bonus points if it’s twirlable. Fun and sweet, this dress and sweater combo channels the sea of twirly swirly gum drops. Or … I love Elf so much that I find a way to quote it in all situations. Not now, arctic puffin!

Dress: Forever 21 | Sweater: Banana Republic | Belt: NY & Co. | Flats: Sam Edelman

Photos by Lauren of The Pear Shape


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solid gold style

Lest you think I was kidding about the gold jacket love earlier this week. It was not a passing fad. I want to put one on, grab some heels and a clutch and hit the town. Who’s with me? Let’s dance to some of these songs as we toast to the weekend!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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five tips fresh face

Is there anything worse than being told that you look tired? Didn’t think so. Like many of you, I’m up early, working hard all day and doing my best to take care of myself. Being a modern-day Super Woman, however, doesn’t always mean you look or feel refresh. Here are some of my tricks for combating the dreaded fatigue face.

1. Fresh Face First: 2013 was the year of the skin freak out for me: break outs, texture change, you you name it. My tried and true methods weren’t working and I had to get some new tools in my arsenal. Namely, thine weapon of choice is a Clairsonic Mia 2. It’s been a huge improvement, along with adding a face brightening serum and legit moisturizer into the rotation. I’m still testing out my faves and will get back to you with my picks.

2. Makeup Perk-Up: Speaking of tools in your arsenal, these are a must: primer, highlighter, eyeliner, lip color and a bit of gold eyeshadow. Basically, you want to keep features defined and makeup in place throughout the day. Liquid liner is my favorite (get the pen style – so much easier to apply!) and you’d be surprised at how a little gold eyeshadow on the inner corner of your eyelid can brighten your whole look.

3. Get Physical: Move around, keep good posture and smile. Those little things can majorly boost your mood even on a downer day. Plus, I’m convinced that staying positive will keep you young.

4. Aqua Por Vida: Most likely you’re not getting enough water. Trust me, I’m the worst offender. When I am good, I really notice the difference of proper hydration. Notice how I didn’t mention coffee or energy drinks here. A glass of water is almost always what your body is needing more than a jolt of caffeine.

5. Snooze or Lose: Well, this one is obvious, but it’s really important. Sometimes you can’t fake looking rested if you don’t get rest. Shocker, I  know. Put yourself and your health first! It wasn’t too long ago that I realized averaging 6 hours of sleep each night wasn’t good for me. To help remedy this bad habit, I downloaded the Sleep Cycle app. It tracks your sleep patterns, gently lulls you awake without breaking your sleep cycle, and even has soothing ambient sounds. Plus, charts!

If you have any tips to share, please let us know in the comments. I’m sure there are yawning people dying to hear.

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